RLFloyd ProfileHi, I’m Rhiannon. I’m a writer and editor in Perth, Western Australia.

In 2017 I completed a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing, and I’m currently working on several pieces of contemporary and sci-fi short fiction. I work as a freelance editor in my free time.

Some facts about me:

  • I own am owned by two cats: Krem and Kasumi.
  • I prefer eBooks to Dead Tree Books. Adding notes digitally and being able to search are just too convenient.
  • I carry a notebook with me almost everywhere (it’s my Bullet Journal).
  • I enjoy creating downtempo and synthwave music.
  • I looooove video games, mostly RPGs and narrative-based games.
  • I can’t juggle. Trust me. I’ve tried.

This blog is a place to document my writing journey and talk nerdy about whichever topics I’m passionate about, such as stationery and productivity.